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floating candle centerpiece
Photo: Decozilla

Water-Filled Candle Centerpieces

These centerpieces are simple yet elegant -- and are perfect for the bride who wants to save money by doing a couple of DIY projects! Simply fill a couple of different sized vases with flowers and water and rest a flat-bottomed candle on top.

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Fairy Tale Inspiration

Sticking with the theme of adding flowers to tall pillar vases, you could try something like this. Putting one red rose with its stem in a tall, water-filled vase will give you a unique centerpiece. It's reminiscent of the rose from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which inspires its own kind of magic.

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Table Runner

If you have long tables at your wedding reception, adding wedding flowers in shallow glasses or vases is a lovely idea. Choose a flower that will lay flat (think ranunculus or a daisy rather than a peony or rose) for the best results.

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Rustic Details

For an outdoor wedding or a garden party, why not try something a bit rustic to complement your theme? Place flower heads in a bucket filled with water and use them as aisle decor.

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Add a Mirror

If your wedding flowers are floating in water, add a mirror underneath the vase for reflection. This looks especially pretty if you have floating candles, too.

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floating rose centerpiece
Photo: Maria Edith/Tumblr

Nice Stems

Floating flowers don't have to be stemless! Check out this centerpiece which has blush roses "planted" into the bottom of the bowl.

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Reach for New Heights

Can you say s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g? There is something magical about floating floral arrangements that are tall. These centerpieces are definitely attention grabbing!

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glowing floating centerpiece
Photo: Pinterest

Make it Glow

Simply adding a glow cube to your floating wedding flowers can make a huge difference! These little cubes are plastic and battery-operated. Turn them on and put them at the bottom of the vase for a truly beautiful display.

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floating flower monogram
Photo: O & Co./Flickr

Initial It

Why not utilize a body of water to create a floral initial (your new last name is pretty significant, don't you think?) or write a message (LOVE, for example)? We adore the floating "L" made out of flowers in this swimming pool.