wedding flower arch

Do you need a flower arch for your wedding? No. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes girl wants a whole lot o' flowers.  Flower arches range from minimalist sweetness to all-out glam fabulousness, but either way they add some unexpected cheer to your ceremony decor.

wedding flower arches

Something tells me this outdoor church-inspired floral decor (above, left) was the outcome of the bride and her mother disagreeing over the wedding venue. I'm glad they both got what they wanted: a church wedding...outside.  And it's gorgeous. As is this pink and cream topper decorating a lovely shabby chic altar (above, right).

lush flower arch for a wedding

Talk about lush. Both of these flower arches are the focal point of their ceremony decor. This branch and orchid arch looks like something direct from the Garden of Eden (above), while the tropical purple is perfect for a beach setting (below).

purple flower arch
wedding flower arches

But flower arches don't necessarily have to mean blowing your entire budget on flowers. Simple makes its own pretty statement with these gorgeous baby's breath arches (above, right and below). Using baby's breath in place of more traditional (and expensive) flowers is my new favorite trend.

baby's breath floral arch

For desert weddings, or those in autumn, I think flower arches like this "branchy" ones are great.  They don't seem as out of place in the landscape as a really lush, colorful one would.  Use seasonal flowers sparingly and weave them into the branches (this would be perfect with succulent blooms).

branch and flower arch

Okay, so I saw these on Pinterest and the DIY crafter in me couldn't resist sharing. How awesome are these paper flowers. It's like having your ceremony on "It's a Small World" (and if you know me, then you realize that's the highest compliment I can give).

paper flower arches for weddings

Credits:  Hydrangeas and Crystals//Outdoor "Church"//Curtain Topper//Lush Pink Arch//Purple Arch on Beach//Roses and Hydrangeas//Simple Spray//Round Baby's Breath//Square Baby's Breath//Branches and Flowers//Small Paper Arch//Wide Paper Arch