The only sniffling that you want to see at your wedding is from happy tears during the ceremony, not from people reacting to your wedding flowers. Allergies to pollen and sensitivities to fragrant flowers can cause distress among some wedding guests. Here, we give you a list of flowers that will work well, and also a few popular ones that you might want to avoid.

First, make sure to discuss your flower allergies (or those of your guests) with your florist before making selections for your centerpieces and bouquets.  And the safest bet is often greenery, or even alternative components like fruit or fabric centerpieces. But if you want traditional flowers, here are some solid options to start with.

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We love it when good choices are also budget-conscious ones!  Hydrangeas are low pollen and quickly fill centerpieces and bouquets, requiring less stems per arrangements.


Available in a multitude of colors, this flower is synonymous with spring.  Fortunately, it's also a great choice for those sensitive to floral fragrances.

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Often these blooms tend to be showcased in autumn weddings, but you can find them year-round.  They are not the cheapest per stem cost, but you also don't need many to fill an arrangement.

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Ranunculus is such as wedding centerpiece staple that we don't know how you'd have arrangements without them.  Luckily, you don't have to make that choice. This festive centerpiece above consists of ranunculus and geraniums (both are low-pollen and low in fragrance).

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Turns out that one of our favorite flowers is also pretty safe for those prone to headaches from floral scents. Their low scent also makes them an excellent choice for groomsmen, that might not love the idea of smelling like pretty flowers.

Here are a few flowers that are gorgeous, but perhaps not the best choice for allergy sufferers.

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This Southern classic is stunning, but packs a potent punch. One of the most heavily scented flowers, if you do want to use this, use it in moderation.

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Sunflowers & Daisies

These two flowers are actually really great for those sensitive to scent because they really don't have much of a fragrance at all. However, they are very high in pollen. So, depending upon your sensitivities, decide how much you want to use these affordable flowers.

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Roses & Lilies

There are so many varieties of both of these flowers. Some are heavily scented, others not at all.  Talk with your florist when discussing incorporating these flowers into your arrangements.  The lily of the valley arrangements above are so sweet, but you can smell these charming flowers from the entryway at your reception (especially when paired with heady peonies).

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