I'm a total sucker for non-floral bouquets. My latest obsession has been succulent bouquets, since I've formed a deep love for the only plants that can survive my lack of a green thumb. But my newest obsession...

A bride holding an asparagus bouquet.

Vegetable bouquets! Yes! After seeing this photo from De Nueva Photography of the bride's artichoke bouquet, I fell in love. So simple, so cute, so, so ... yummy! Check out these other edible bouquet options...

A caterer bride made her wedding bouquet out of fresh veggies and, BONUS CREATIVITY POINTS: created the stems using silver spoons. Plus, you gotta love the carrot boutonniere on the hubs (via Brenda's Wedding Blog).

A vegetable bouquet and a carrot corsage for a wedding.

And wouldn't you know it, just the other day my friend Drew went to the market and came back with this stalk of Romanesco Broccoli that just blew my mind. Upon doing a little research, Drew found out that, besides looking space-agey amazing, Romanesco Broccoli also comes in this gorgeous purple color. Think of the possibilities!

Seriously guys, veggie bouquets are where it's at, and I wanna' see more!

A broccoli bouquet for a wedding laying on a table.