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Colorful Corner

A burst of vibrant flowers on even a corner of your backdrop gives a pop of color unrivaled by anything else. These warm tones match perfectly the coziness of the hanging knit and the rustic antlers. It's a boho look that has achieved the balance between charmingly wild and very polished.

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Patterned Perfect

If you first thought that this floral pattern was printed onto the black fabric, you aren't alone. This incredible effect was actually achieved by pinning live flowers and leaves to a black backdrop. It's just so...mesmerizing.

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golden hoop flowers and greenery floral wedding backdrop
Photo: Katie Nesbitt

Hoop Heaven

No one said that a backdrop has to be square! These suspended hoops garnished with flowers give a fresh perspective on the idea of a backdrop and will quickly fill a blank space.

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The Third Dimension

Take your floral backdrop to another level by adding a whole other dimension. Say goodbye to two dimensional wedding backdrops and start thinking outside the box. Isn't this tripod a great way to keep your flowers high off the ground while adding a bohemian flavor?

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Gorgeous DIY

If you think that creating a floral backdrop has to be complicated, you're wrong. It just takes a DIY bride or bridesmaid to pull off this dramatic look. All you need is a selection of long stemmed flowers, a white wall, and some washi tape.

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heart shaped floral wedding backdrop
Photo: Erich McVey

Cupid's Arrow

Instead of covering a whole wall or a huge canvas with flowers, remember that bigger doesn't always have to be better. This heart shaped floral backdrop is perfect for photo ops and is a fitting reminder of the theme of the day.

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industrial destroyed flower bust wedding backdrop
Photo: Amy Osaba

Wild at Heart

This wild backdrop isn't for everyone, however all can appreciate this amazing floral arrangement bursting out of a gilded frame. It would be a great addition to an industrial chic setting.

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Ombre Magic

All ombre fans will love this beautiful floral backdrop, completely covered in fresh blooms. Roses come in all different shades, making them the ideal flower for this trendy look.

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hanging bottles with flowers wedding backdrop
Photo: Jonathan Ong

Hang On!

Not only is your backdrop going to be a show-stopper, but there's also a slim chance that your flowers will wilt on you. Hanging up bottles filled with flowers means they can stay hydrated while you're enjoying the most wonderful day of your life!

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giant pink ruche paper flowers backdrop
Photo: Ruche

Giant Blooms

You don't have to be Alice in Wonderland to experience a garden full of huge flowers. The only difference is that these beautiful blooms are made of paper! Make as little or as many as you like for an unforgettable backdrop to your big day.

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wooden crate backdrop with white flowers in vases
Photo: Studio EMP

Floral Cubbies

Can a beautiful backdrop be as easy as just placing vases of flowers at different heights? Sure! This rustic crate setup allows you to just place a number of arrangements in the "cubbies", no taping, cutting, or gluing required.