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No need to worry about your flowers wilting with this rustic bouquet. The peonies and wheat have already been dried in advance and the pine cones don't require any water at all! It would be the ultimate bridal accessory at a fall or winter wedding, don't you think?

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Damask Rose

There's no more timeless bridal bouquet than one made of red roses, especially when they are this lovely deep shade. Add some feathers and dark beaded lace, and you have quite the glam statement.

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red peonies wedding bouquet
Photo: Freed Photo

Simple Arrangement

Yes, there are a lot of red flowers to choose from, but do we have to use all of them to make a stunning bouquet? Of course not! See how wonderful this red bouquet using only peonies looks? Try the same with other flowers to see which type of bloom suits your wedding theme best.

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Winter Wonderland

Red wedding bouquets are a wonderful choice for winter nuptials. The contrast to the snowy setting is striking, and with scarlet lips can look extremely romantic. Make the bouquet more seasonal by adding some evergreen or cedar branches. The color and added scent make your arrangement even more special.

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Single Shade

We adore monochromatic bouquets. This bountiful bouquet is entirely composed of flowers in shades of red. This way you get the benefit of different textures and shapes while maintaining a harmonious unity.

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Secret Garden

Red wedding bouquets are more than just round bouquets of red roses. Embrace the loose, organic look that has become so popular in the last few years. This bouquet almost looks like it was arranged from flowers picked in a garden and includes flowers like roses and tulips, but even tiny wildflowers.

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Not all red bouquets have to be big to be great. Since the color already gives such a pop, feel free to choose a smaller arrangement that will be comfortable for you to tote around all day. Oh, and we love how the dusty miller highlights the vibrant peonies; it makes this little posy even more darling.

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evergreen cedar red flower wedding bouquet
Photo: Anne Robert

Woodsy Vibes

This is the kind of red bouquet that Snow White would have had at her wedding. The perfect balance between polished and organic, this bridal bouquet channels woodsy vibes that will look great both indoors and out. Take note of the great texture and depth of color that the berries give.

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New Modern

Red roses aren't just one shade, you know. Check out how awesome our classic roses look next to these speckled burgundy ones, and then how wonderful a contrast the thistles provide.

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We love this full arrangement, with its range of pink and red shades and its wide selection of flower sizes and types.