Flowers are a traditional wedding day staple. Nothing says romance like a centerpieces filled with red roses or a bouquet filled with carnations and lilies. Unfortunately, those beautiful arrangements only last one day, and often eat up a good portion of your wedding day budget. Here are 3 eco-chic flower alternatives that are beautiful and cost effective.


Photo Credit: Fantasy Floral Designs

If you still want to carry a bouquet, but want to go a more untraditional route, consider creating a bouquet out of sentimental and personal items. Take some brooches from your grandmother, a string of pearls from your mother, and some items representing your relationship and you have a homemade, eco-chic bouquet that will last forever and turn some heads.


Photo Credit: Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!

Decorate your tables with edible centerpieces. Not only will they be gorgeous but they can also be a tasty treat for guests to snack on while they wait for their main course. Cups of fresh and local strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries are both visually pleasing and delicious. Create one of a kind centerpiece using rhubarb and celery stalks, or colorful apples in a translucent bowl.


Eco-Lectic Events

Give a nod to your wedding location by creating boutonnieres and decorative arrangements made from found items. If you are having a beach wedding, collect shells and sea glass and put them around the reception venue. Use shrubs and mosses from a more rustic environment, or you can create little accent pieces from reclaimed fabrics.