Choosing the right flowers for your ceremony, reception and bouquets can bring a splash of color and life to your special day. Sadly, many conventionally sold flowers are coated in toxic chemicals and are often shipped from other parts of the world. To make sure you're flowers are more earth friendly, use this go-to guide to picking out the best eco-chic flowers.

What are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

When it comes to flowers for your wedding, there are many shades of green, from fully organic to fresh, local, and seasonal blooms. Organic flowers are not chemically treated in any way. This includes the use of toxic pesticides during their growth and harmful dyes to enhance color. This is important for flowers that will touch food, such as a decoration on a wedding cake. Think of it this way, your green flowers should be just as fresh and untouched as if you grew them in your own backyard (another great option for brides with a green thumb).

How to Choose Green Flowers

A good rule of thumb is to choose flowers that are seasonal and locally grown. Over 60% of the flowers used in the United States are gown outside of the country. Not only does this mean that there is a large carbon footprint associated with transporting the flowers, but they are also generally treated with preservation chemicals that damage to the ozone layer.

Keeping your flower purchases local not only helps out growers in your area, but also ensures that they have not had to travel too far.

Kate runs one of the most comprehensive guides to planning a Green wedding out there. Her site is chock-full of great tips on how to create an eco-friendly wedding, whether you're just looking to go paper-free or taking it all the way with a carbon-free day.

Photo by: Ellie Grover Photography