hydrangea centerpiece with orchids

Hydrangeas are an absolute wedding flower staple.  Alone, they can create simple arrangements, full of volume and awash in color. With other blooms, they can add an abundance of texture, effectively amping up the value of the other flowers in the centerpiece.  As you can see from the centerpieces above and below, an arrangement that large full of just roses and orchids might end up being cost prohibitive, but by adding large hydrangeas, it has all the size and visual impact, without the increased price tag.  As florist Laura Aswell puts it, "They are a good value flower for both centerpieces and bouquets.  While they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, they do take up a lot of space."  In other words, although they might be more costly per stem than a daisy or carnation, you shouldn't overlook the size of the bloom in your decision.

tall hydrangea centerpieces
white hydrangea with coral flowers

But the fullness of hydrangea centerpieces isn't reserved for just high arrangements.  They also make stunning low profile centerpieces, lush, but certainly not going to impede eye contact and good conversation.  Above, this romantic centerpiece is highlighted with roses and peonies.  Below, both of these boxed centerpieces reveal pops of color against an all-white hydrangea backdrop.

simple boxed centerpieces with hydrangeas
white hydrangeas in centerpiece

Or keep it pale and simply sophisticated with lovely light centerpieces. These white and pale pink centerpieces only use hydrangea. On the left, the white centerpiece uses just a couple of hydrangea blooms, whereas the pink one on the right shows the impact of several more.

simple white hydrangea centerpiece
pale pink hydrangea wedding centerpiece
green hydrangea and moss wedding centerpiece

Even though the most commonly used hydrangeas are white, they do come in a rainbow of colors. Personally, I think green hydrangeas are the most gorgeous. Their spring green coloring adds depth and unusual beauty to the moss-infused arrangement (above). Below, these tiny green hydrangeas provide a striking contrast to the large white ones they are paired with.

green and white hydrangeas
green hydrangea in white pitcher
simple purple hydrangea wedding centerpiece

Make monochromatic arrangements out of colored hydrangeas for both pretty and cost-effective (the best of both worlds!) centerpiece options. Whether in green, purple, or pink, you can find these blooms to match any color palette.

bright pink hydrangea centerpiece

Here are a few more hydrangea centerpiece ideas that we love:

blue and white hydrangea
modern centerpieces with blue hydrangeas
low profile white floral centerpiece

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