It's no secret that we love big, beautiful wedding bouquets. Truly - if you're in doubt, just click over here. Or over here. Or, if you're really looking to find something wonderful, here. But sometimes a bride-to-be has something else in mind. And whether you're a DIY bride just itching to put your hands to work or are simply seeking out a fun alternative to the traditional petal and bloom bouquet, we've got a few non-floral wedding alternatives right here.

Brooch bouquets


A fun, vintage-inspired and generally eclectic take on bouquets, brooch and gemstone bouquets can be absolutely stunning.

Paper flower bouquets


I've come across some absolutely beautiful paper flower bouquets recently. My favorites are, of course, the gigantic stems that you see here, but normal-sized paper flowers are exceptionally pretty and playful as well.

Lace bouquets


These simple lace and burlap bouquets are so lovely for rustic weddings!

Fruit and vegetable bouquets


Fruit and vegetable bouquets are way at the top of my list right now. The interesting textures, the earthy colors, the unique displays (like those lemons! Incredible.) play so nicely together - and mean that you can pile fun foods like purple artichokes or fall apples into your table decor.

DIY bouquets


This sequin and heart bouquet is a perfect example of the gorgeous and unexpected bouquet options for a DIY bride. I'm in love with this particular whimsical approach.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, we have flower-free bouquets in spades. Try clicking through these autumn leaf bouquets, or think about choosing wintry pine cones and evergreen for your wedding. Berries and succulents are another way to keep your decor petal-free, as is the ornament bouquet in this DIY roundup.

Image credits: brooch // paper flowers // lace // fruit & vegetable // DIY