When you’re planning a wedding, the last thing you need to worry about as you’re walking down the aisle is whether or not the delicate flowers you’ve selected for your bouquet are going to bite the dust before you say I do. And if you’re getting married in a particularly hot, cold, or dry location (okay, even if you’re just looking for a unique wedding arrangement)…well, I have a plant I’d like you to meet.

air plant bouquet and cake topper

Have you run into these seriously quirky and unique plants before? Air plants, also called tillandsia, are becoming one of the prettiest parts of one-of-a-kind floral décor and happen to be easy to care for, grow and keep alive from your first photos all the way to the last dance at your reception. Seriously – because what’s more low maintenance than a plant that doesn’t ever require soil to grow? An air plant arrangement, or an air plant wedding bouquet, can be just the detail you need to add an extra bit of personality to your wedding. But wait, there’s more. I’m not a professional (if you want to know how to plant air plants, try this article), but odds are that you’ll be able to take your air plant décor home with you after the celebration and keep it growing as a lovely, living reminder of your wedding day. Hint: this also makes these plants perfect for wedding favors.

Whether you’re looking for an air plant boutonniere or decor, I’ve got piles of inspiration below. Let’s take a look!

air plant and hydrangea wedding bouquet
air plant table decor and ceremony decor
air plant wedding bouquet
air plant aisle decor
air plant wedding bouquet
beach wedding air plant decor
air plant cake topper
air plant wreath
air plant table decor
air plant wedding bouquet
air plant wedding decor
air plant and succulent wedding bouquet
air plant ceremony backdrop
air plant table decor
air plant escort cards
air plant table decor for weddings
desert wedding air plant bouquet
air plant and paper flower wedding bouquet
air plant bridesmaid bouquet


What do you think of these air plant arrangements? After all time I’ve spent looking at them in wedding décor, I’m realizing I really want to get some for my home, too. They could be the perfect plant, even with my black thumb!

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