Choosing flowers for your wedding day can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many colors, varieties and costs, as well as things like seasonal availability to keep in mind, not to mention arrangement and bouquet styles. But, while that can all seem like a lot, never fear! We think we might have the summer wedding flower that will banish all your worries. Dear planning friends, allow us to inspire you with a ranunculus wedding bouquet.

summer wedding bouquet

In season in spring and summer, these multi-layered and incredibly versatile blooms are native to Asia and known for their medicinal properties and colorful petals. Also called Buttercup and Coyote's Eyes, ranunculus range in color from white to pink, red, yellow and orange. The best thing about these small flowers is that they look good playing both a support role in wedding bouquets and arrangements, but can also step up and take center stage in your decor. They're also good for using in romantic gestures - ranunculus communicate that you find another person's charms utterly dazzling.

If we've managed to convince you (and we hope we have), here's inspiration aplenty for your own ranunculus wedding bouquet.

white ranunculus wedding bouquet
romantic ranunculus wedding bouquet and arrangement
ranunculus and anenome wedding bouquet
romantic wedding bouquet
white ranunculus wedding bouquet
ranunculus wedding bouquet
ranunculus wedding bouquet
ranunculus bouquet and table arrangement
poppy and ranunculus wedding bouquet

What do you think? Will you be planning to have a ranunculus wedding bouquet?


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