muted centerpiece in tea cup

Roses are one of the most classically romantic flowers.  After all, they are the ones most often sent to us by new sweethearts on Valentine's Day, or years later, to celebrate an anniversary.  Today we are going to focus on 3 ways to incorporate this special flower into your reception centerpieces.

First, their soft, lush texture makes a beautiful addition to vintage-inspired arrangements.  Pair them with other vintage standards like peonies and anemones  to create lovely, feminine centerpieces. Even when roses are pale, they make a big statement.  Place them in antique vases or glass jars to let them shine all on their own (below).

white centerpiece in vintage vase
simple white rose centerpiece

If you need to save a little moolah on your flowers, using bud vases each with a single bloom (below) can be a dynamic way to decorate your tables.  Wrap each vase or bottle with burlap or lace if your like your vintage with a rustic edge.

burlap-wrapped glass vases
pink and purple rose centerpieces

Second, use roses to create interesting texture and volume to larger centerpieces.  Hydrangas can take up a lot of room (which is handy when you are on a floral budget), but you can give them a luxe look by adding roses in different colors.  The smoother, larger petals make the arrangement more interesting.

large topiary-inspired centerpiece

If you are having a garden wedding with lots of greenery, roses are a sturdy enough flower to not be swallowed up by all of the leaves. This topiary-inspired arrangement (above) looks like something out of The Secret Garden thanks to the addition of pink roses and blue hydrangeas.

rose and hydrangea centerpiece

These two arrangements prove that even if the predominant flower in your centerpiece is something else, the roses truly stand out.  Above, roses in different pale shades help keep this large arrangement looking lovely and refined.  Below, even though these coral roses are just little pops, the swirls of the roses' petals make an otherwise monochromatic centerpiece a little brighter.

tall coral and white centerpieces
pink ombre rose centerpiece

Lastly, the best reason to use roses?  They are available in a crazy amount of colors.  I'm pretty sure that you can find a rose to match any palette.  They are such a gorgeous way to play with color!  Above, this low centerpiece is transformed into an ombre masterpiece by using four different shades of pink.  Below, you don't have to keep the petals on the rose to create beautiful centerpieces. Sprinkle petals around arrangements, or around candles, for a more affordable option.

coral roses in Mason jar
pink rose petals and candle centerpiece
long-stemmed red rose centerpieces
red monochromatic centerpiece

Love powerful monochromatics?  You've come to the right place. For a more contemporary wedding (above), this couple blended red flowers, including roses and dahlias, to create centerpieces with loads of color drama.

monochromatic pink rose centerpieces

If you want a cheery look, you can use the same technique in pinks or purples.

monochromatic lavender rose centerpiece
lavender rose vintage cenerpieces

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