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Often referred to as nosegay or posy bouquets, small wedding bouquets are both pretty and practical. Let's discuss the most popular reasons that brides choose petite bouquets, and then follow it up with some gorgeous inspiration!

Reasons to Go Small:

It's easier to carry.  A large wedding bouquet can be really heavy. Don't make yourself lug around your flowers for hours worth of photos and your walk down the aisle.

It shows off your dress.  You spent all that time finding a beautiful gown with a flattering silhouette, and now you're going to cover it up with a huge bouquet? Keep it small so that it accentuates your dress without completely monopolizing your look.

It's more affordable.  Your wedding planning has made more of a dent in your savings account than you thought it would. Do you really want to spend several hundred dollars on a lavish bouquet?  A smaller bouquet of thoughtfully chosen flowers might make more sense for your bottom line.

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These darling, muted bouquets are nice touches, and won't steal the show.  Above, this bouquet is composed of tuberose, oregonia greens, and eucalyptus pods. If you want to use an elegant and simple bouquet, consider lily of the valley (below, left).

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Boho brides can express their style by using roses, billy balls, tiny daisies, and peonies (above, right and below). It will give a light pop of color and mix well with the rest of your relaxed decor.

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If you love the idea of a lighter bouquet, but don't want one that's too small, make a medium sized bouquet out of tiny and lightweight flowers (below).

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We love the unique shapes of these two bouquets using baby's breath and lavender (below, left) and pink astilbe (below, right).  Both would be fitting for a garden-themed event.

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The thicker the stems on your flowers, the more volume you'll have. If you have a tightly bound nosegay (below), cover it in lace or cotton to make it more comfortable to carry.

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Bridesmaids will also love taking a break from carrying around a entire field of flowers.  This miniscule bouquet (below, left) is also a good size if you want your mother and grandmother to have bouquets.

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Tie together their small bouquets with long ribbon, allowing it to cascade down for an airy effect (below).         

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When you have such a small bouquet, each flower counts. Especially against darker bridesmaid dresses (below), a few colorful blooms can really pop.

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Roses are a favorite flower for a small wedding bouquet because of how well they will fill out the arrangement with only a few flowers.

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