magnolia wedding bouquet

Because they are less common than other wedding flowers, gardenias and magnolias are also perfect for brides wanting unique floral details at their weddings.  Above, this stunning magnolia bouquet strikes the ideal balance between simplicity and drama.  Below, an infusion of gardenias to this monochromatic bouquet adds ruffly texture and a lovely scent (gardenias smell ah-mazing).

gardenia and white rose bouquet
floating gardenia centerpiece

A flower that can stand completely on its own, gardenias are also really beautiful when left solo.  Above, put one bloom in a vase filled with water or beads. Surround it with votive candles and you have instant ambiance!

One of my very favorite gardenia details is a simple flower in the hair.  Maybe it's too much Ella & Billie at a formative age, but nothing says classic sophistication to me like an updo highlighted by a gardenia (below, left).

I love this simple place setting with a gardenia on each napkin (below, right).  However, one note about using this many heavily-scented flowers in a reception: Just because you aren't allergic to flowers, doesn't mean your guests may not be sensitive.  If you like the concept of the single bloom at each setting, perhaps cut down the amount of centerpiece flowers on each table.

gardenia in bride's hair
gardenia place setting
magnolia cake detail

The easiest way to make sure your guests aren't allergic to your flowers?  Make them out of sugar!  This magnolia cake detail (above) is a very sweet way to extend your favorite flower through to your dessert table.

magnolia print wedding invitation

Hosting a Southern belle's bridal shower?  Well, then I think the above magnolia invitation may just be absolutely necessary.  Decorate the shower with vintage china and simple magnolia centerpieces (below) to complete this timeless look.

simple magnolia wedding centerpiece

I will admit that when it comes to magnolias, I am as big a fan of the leaves as I am of the flowers.  This large, shiny greenery can even be used on their own.  You can write on them with metallic pens and use them as chic escort cards (below, left).  Or for an unexpected autumnal touch, pair leaves with lanterns, berries, and white pumpkins (below, right).

magnolia leaf wedding escort cards
staircase decorated with magnolia leaves

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