Summer is the perfect time of year to get some outdoor inspiration for your wedding décor. Flowers are in full bloom and fruits and vegetable are ripe for picking, giving you all the ingredients for an eco-chic look. Here are three ways to create an eco-friendly and unique décor scheme to complement your green wedding:


Consider using local and seasonal potted plants and flowers that double as a centerpiece and take home favor. Encourage guests to take the plants home at the end of the reception and plant them in their own yards. Embellish the plants and flowers with reusable tea light candles.


Creating décor pieces using recycled glass bottles and mason jars is a great way to add a splash of color and a unique look. Colored wine bottles can be dressed up with white string lights or stuffed with a few small flowers or baby breath. Clear mason jars can be filled with candy or fresh, local fruit for a colorful table top decoration that also tastes delicious.


Edible centerpieces are a waste free and stylish centerpiece option. Fill compostable cups with fresh organic strawberries or stuff vases with rhubarb stalks and carrot sticks. Dress it up with a few locally grown flowers and you have a beautiful décor piece that your guests will enjoy snacking on.