Particularly during the Victorian era, symbolism was an important part of the courting process.  Flowers had significant meanings and when a beau gave one, it was his own sort of hidden message to his sweetheart. When you plan your floral arrangements and bouquets, think about choosing some flowers based on their meaning.

Aster–love, patience

Calla lily-beauty

Chrysanthemum-abundance, optimism, joy

Dahlia–elegance, eternity

Daisy–simplicity, purity, gentleness

Heather–admiration, luck, fortune


Lilac–first love, youth

Laurel–peace, success

Orchid-beauty and charm

Peony-bashfulness, happiness

Queen Anne's lace–trust, safety

Tulip–passion, perfection

Violet–modesty, faithfulness

Zinnia-affection, loyalty

Magnolia-nobility, dignity