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Blushing Bouquet

This bouquet is especially perfect for spring weddings and pairs ranunculus with spray roses to create a full, textured look. We love the colors -- especially the muted tones -- and how the ranunculus adds so much dimension.

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Ranunculus wedding hairpiece
Photo: Laura Murray

Floral Updo

It's one thing for a bride to wear flowers in her hair, but this updo is complimented beautifully with the addition of ranunculus. The way that the flowers lay flat against the head make them a perfect addition to a headpiece.

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Ranunculus wedding boutonnieres for a spring wedding
Photo: Rebecca Yale

Elegant Boutonnieres

These boutonnieres speak for themselves. There is no need for anything additional to fill out these arrangements. The ranunculus bloom is full and exceptionally elegant and will complement other styles of floral arrangements you choose.

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Stem for the Groom

This ranunculus stem is adorably perfect. It is simple but would pack a big punch against a dark grey or black tuxedo. These boutonnieres are perfect for an outdoor wedding, a Southern charm theme, or even a barnyard-style gathering.

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White Is The New White

Brides who love ranunculus but want an all-white bouquet -- fear not! Ranunculus look just as lovely in white and pair up with peonies and roses with ease.

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Let's Have Cake

If you want flowers on your wedding cake, ranunculus can be the perfect addition. Because of the ability to lay these flowers flat, they tend to be easier to work with. They also look really beautiful, which is a plus!

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Ranunculus with wedding jewelry
Photo: Unattimo

Display Those Gems

A lot of brides and grooms want a picture of their new jewelry and these pictures look awesome when the rings are displayed on flowers. Rather than use something more traditional (like a rose), ask your photographer to pluck out a ranunculus for the shot.

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Edible ranunculus cake topper
Photo: Sweet Bouquet

Make it Edible

Most bakers are able to make ranunculus out of gum paste and can use these creations on your cake -- or on cupcakes. It's another way to tie in the flower and these beauties are edible, too. Sounds like a win/win!

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Coordinated Corsages

It should come as no surprise that ranunculus is the perfect flower for a corsage. These small white blooms are just the addition your wedding needs.

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Stunning Centerpieces

It should come as no surprise that ranunculus are a perfect fit for your centerpieces too. Again, they add some really interesting dimension and add a modern vibe to the more traditional groupings of roses, peonies and hydrangeas.

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Place Setting Decor

Add a small ranunculus bloom on each place setting to add an elegant touch. The blooms come in a variety of sizes which is great because it means that you have options!