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Colorful Leaves in Colorful Mason Jars

Rustic barn themes are positively made for a fall wedding and these Mason jar arrangements would look perfectly chic lined up on picnic tables. They're also totally DIY worthy; you need only to paint the Mason jars your wedding colors and gather leaves and wildflowers.

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Pumpkin Arrangement

Not all fall leaves have to be orange and yellow. This pumpkin arrangement screams fall, even though its leaves are lush forest green shades. It's the deep maroon and orange accents that gives it an autumnal quality.

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Candlelit Leaves

Add some major ambiance to your table decor with these candlelit fall leaf arrangements. The corn kernels give an extra boost of fall vibes and we love the way the leaves are held onto the candles with a simple twist of twine.

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Berries & Leaves

Fall arrangements don't have to stay stuck inside a vase. Add visual interest by continuing your arrangements along the table by creating trails of leaves mixed with festive red berries.

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Artsy Fall

Go ahead and get sculptural! How cool are these rounded metal vases? Alternating larger and smaller sizes along family-style tables would make for a stunning autumnal display (and even better photographs!).

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Whimsical Paper Leaves
Photo: HGTV

Whimsical Paper Leaves

If you're a couple with a playful side, why not interpret the autumnal leaf theme in a whimsical way? These paper leaves are easy to create on your own and are sure to make a major impact on any table.

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Pomegranates & Leaves

If this table arrangement looks good enough to eat, it's because you can! Take advantage of the seasonal produce in the fall to add color, texture and interest to your arrangements, like they did here with the pomegranates, apples and nuts.

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Apple and Leaf Harvest Arrangement

There's nothing that says autumn more than a bountiful bouquet of crisp red apples and colorful fall leaves. This one is particularly elegant with its gold vase.

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Romantic Fall Leaf Bouquet

There's nothing better than a soft bouquet packed with lots of color, texture and shapes. The bright white roses pop against the dark fall leaves and the sprigs of colorful berries give it a natural, effortless feel.

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Unique Fall Leaf Bouquet

For something truly unique, try a seriously dramatic fall leaf bouquet like this one. There's no doubt that it belongs in an autumn wedding, with the oversized, dark leaves taking center stage.