monochromatic white tablescape with tulips and ranunculus

Need a cheerful flower for your wedding centerpieces?  Try tulips!  With their tall height, wide variety of colors and pretty leaves, they are great for both big and small centerpieces. Plus, tulips are often more affordable than other flowers (especially in spring, when they are in season).

Above, tulips are paired with ranunculus and hydrangea for a monochromatic white tablescape.  Below, these two tulip centerpieces are perfect for round tables, when you need something low so that your guests can have a conversation with each other easily.

low white tulip centerpiece on cocktail table at rooftop wedding
bright yellow tulip centerpieces with lemons lining vase

Tulips are often chosen for non-traditional floral centerpieces like this one below wrapped inside a glass bowl with willow branches and rocks.  Their pliable stems allow them to be flexibly shaped without snapping or splintering.

tulips and branches wrapped inside of fish bowl centerpiece

To give your wedding centerpieces more height and drama, use tulips with untrimmed stems. These pretty white ones (below) peep out of a summery arrangement filled with hydrangea.

white hydrangea and tall tulips in wedding centerpiece

Tulips can easily fill small containers, so put them to good use creating a romantic display at your wedding. Below, these lovely tulips in shades of pink and cream add a bright pop of color to a vintage tablescape.

Julie Hahn copy

For more modern centerpieces, arrange colorful tulips with other vibrant flowers and mix and match with metallics and stripes!

bright pink tulips in gold and glass vases
light pink tulips in bright flower arrangement

Vintage weddings often feature soft, lush flowers in muted colors.  Use pale pink tulips in simple jars to decorate your tables.  If you love pretty greenery as much as we do, make sure to leave the leaves on the tulips (above, left) when you have room in your centerpiece.

light pink tulips in glass jar

To draw attention to a single shade, find a tulip in your wedding color and have it as the focal point in your centerpieces.  For a purple wedding, chose a tulip in a radiant shade of plum to highlight the herbal sprigs in each centerpiece (below).

boxed centerpiece with white hydrangeas and purple tulips
evynn alt copy

Woodsy weddings are very popular right now, especially those with earthy, jewel-toned color palettes. Use tulips in deeper shades of yellow (above) and berry (below) in these centerpieces to create darkly beautiful floral arrangements.

elegant jewel tone floral centerpiece with purple tulips

Want to accent the tulips in your centerpieces?  Use a single tulip as your place setting decor, as shown with this coral-colored example below.

simple coral colored tulip at wedding place setting

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