Years ago I worked at a floral design studio. Fun stuff, right? Um, not exactly. It was more like getting up at 3AM to walk through a freezing cold flower market, loading heaps of flowers into a van, and then, while half-asleep, taking out my knife to cut stems (and fingers), strip thorns, and prep said flowers for the cooler. Why am I sharing with you this harrowing tale? Because after that experience I came to understand (most profoundly) just how hard florists have to work to bring their visions to light. If there were a national "Hug Your Florist Day", I'd be an active participant!

That is why these stunning designs created by Heather at Twig & Twine in Los Angeles send me swooning even more. Her style is at once both refined and slightly wild and whimsical. The way she intermingles unique elements like unusual greenery and even berries into her arrangements adds that charming touch. And, perusing through her portfolio presents one stunning arrangement after another. Her work is so beautiful and I bow humbly to her for it.