mercury and textured glass votives

One thing almost every wedding has in common?  Candlelight.  But depending upon the theme of your wedding, you are probably looking for very different votives to complete your centerpieces. We have collected votives that we love for the most popular wedding themes: vintage, traditional, rustic, and modern.


Mercury glass, textured votives, and delicate design goes best with this old-fashioned romantic theme. Your goal is soft and welcoming glow against the pale colors in your decor.  If your centerpieces features trendy vintage elements like books and antique tchotchkes, keep your votives simple and small.  If you want your tablescape to be focused around your glow, wrap your glass votives in lace, ribbon, or burlap.

books and candles
lace wrapped votive


One of the best things about a traditional wedding is all of the different elements you can incorporate. For example, you can still use mercury glass votives, but just in a different way. Mix and match them with traditional candlesticks, tall glass hurricanes, and pretty flowers.  By using floating candles and crystal filled hurricanes, you can also maximize the sparkle on each table.

mercury and glass on white
varied heights mantle
floating and crystals


Whether you believe in glamming up rustic or keeping it casual, the biggest trend right now is moss.  And moss, as you can see, pairs very well with votives.  Place your candles in Mason jars or antique glass lanterns.  You can also wrap your glass votives in moss from your florist. Or, if you plan is to go super woodsy, make a tablescape filled with plants, terrariums, and moss and light it via basic glass votives. With all of these ideas, just remember to keep your candles above the moss--no wedding needs a mini forest fire.

rustic jar candles
glass votives wrapped in moss
candles in moss table


Modern is just a broad collection of styles, from stark minimalism to glamorous overindulgence.  And of course, nothing goes better with both extremes like some golden lighting. Play up industrial elements, like metals and cement, but give them some edge with glimmering metallic paint. If you like your modern a little bit softer, you can DIY up some  yarn-wrapped votives or you can choose candleholders that have tinted glass.  Modern glam is so over-the-top, you can mix different votives (although they should be compatible styles, such as hammered bronze and glass) and candlesticks to add depth and height.

white and gold
metallic dipped concrete votives
yarn DIY
modern gold square votives
gold votives and tall candle

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