I have had the loveliest time today, trolling around the internet, looking at gorgeous flowers (all in the name of work, of course!). And there is one thing that has become crystal clear - regardless of which direction you go with your bouquet, it's pretty much certain it's going to be a stunner. You just can't go wrong with flowers in a bunch!

Having said that, I know that choosing the right bouquet - one which matches your style and helps pull your wedding party's attire together - is a big deal. So, I've rounded up a few of my favorites (you've gotta have favorites, right?).

Now, you know we're all about the romance this wedding season and these bouquets have the perfect amount of muted colors mixed with different textures. I think either one would be gorgeous at a Garden wedding...


Or if you like a touch more vintage with your romance, these bouquets, which feature only one type of flower, might do the trick. I love how just a touch of hot pink gives the roses a sentimental air that feels so different than if the whole bouquet was done up in fuchsia.


This red bouquet absolutely stopped me in my tracks. Talk about fabulously glamorous! It completes her outfit, doesn't it? Or if those are a bit too much for you, how about this version, which offers a hint of drama with its fuchsia flowers peeking through the more sedate black and white.


And, speaking of white, how amazing are these bouquets? They both use the elegance of white flowers for two totally different looks. I was going to pinpoint where each one could find a home (farm wedding, destination wedding or even an elegant soiree) but I truly think either one would work in a multitude of locales...

Have you decided on your bouquet yet? What look are you going for? Let us know in the comments! And, if you need more inspiration (or you are ready to book your wedding flowers), check out our guides, which cover everywhere from Austin to New Jersey, to find a florist in your area.
Image Credits:
Bouquet at window: Wedding Nouveau
Romantic bridesmaid bouquets: Adrienne Gunde Photography
Roses with hint of pink: W Scott Chester Photography
Romantic bouquet: In Bloom Event Design
Bride with red bouquet: KT Merry Photography
Black and white with fuchsia bouquet:  JL Designs and Events
White wildflower bouquet: McKenzie Powell Designs
Tropical bouquet: Tec Petaja Photography