Winter wedding flowers

When I think of winter weddings, a few things come immediately to mind. Clean, snowy backdrops and earthy evergreens, twinkle lights everywhere (everywhere), dramatic pops of color – and hot chocolate bars, fur (and faux fur) wraps on brides and cozy indoor receptions. Can you tell that I (summer bride that I was) have a little bit of winter wedding envy? But I must admit that one of my favorite winter wedding details is the variety of floral decor options that are available.

Winter wedding bouquet

While winter isn’t traditionally known as a season where much, if anything at all, is in bloom, there are some beautiful buds to pick from – and some gorgeous accent options to complement those blossoms. Ranunculus, anemones, roses and lilies are generally easy to track down in this season, while bulb flowers like tulips and amaryllises are unique alternatives. Looking to embrace the weather? Evergreen branches are gorgeous with or without snow in the background.

Pine cone wedding bouquet

A few tips for picking your winter wedding flowers:

  1. Think texture. Pine cones, berries and softer greenery like dusty miller, white kale and silver brunia are all good for bouquets and larger arrangements, capturing the cozy feel of the season while creating beautiful displays.
  2. Don’t be afraid of color. Bright flowers can be your friend, particularly if you’re going to be taking photos in the snow. Gold, crimson and tangerine are all colors that pull a sense of warmth and light into decor without feeling summery.
  3. Look at alternatives. Succulents and non-floral bouquets can be absolutely breathtaking and are perfect for couples having a hard time tracking down the flowers they want in colder weather. They can also help you stick to your budget (out of season flowers can be extremely pricy!).

Anemone wedding bouquet

What are your favorite winter wedding flower looks? Do you like bright bouquets, all-white flowers, or pine-filled arrangements?

Image credits: Rylee Hitchner // Edward Osborn Photography // Jessica Oh Photography // Eliza Claire Photography