gin, elderflower, and prosecco cocktail on stack of yellow and green napkins

Looking for a standout cocktail for your summer wedding? Consider gin. Not used as often as vodka or whiskey, gin cocktails are extremely versatile, from stiff and herbal to delightfully refreshing. These ten cocktails are definitely worth trying before the wedding. You know, for research purposes.

Some of our favorite gin cocktails blend gin with a little bubbly. Above, flavors of elderflower and plenty of Prosecco sparkle make this straight-up cocktail a sophisticated choice. For a slightly more involved (but definitely worth the extra work), the champagne and gin cocktail below is sweetened with a homemade clementine and chamomile syrup. Yum!

gin and champagne cocktail with tangerine chamomile syrup
gin sour cocktail with citrus splash

For a bit of a citrus kick, try this luscious gin sour above, flavored with lime, allspice, maraschino, and absinthe.  If your summer wedding is indoors and you want something with a bit of style, go with an egg-white frothed cocktail like the drink pictured below. Its flavors are subtly sweet, and you can serve in any style champagne glass.

gin and elderflower cocktail with egg white foam
dirty gin martini with white asparagus garnish

For those of you that like your cocktails a little more to the point, you're going to adore these two drinks. Above, pair a dirty gin martini with a pickled white asparagus spear. Personally, I think this drink is heaven for a rehearsal dinner. Just enough to take the edge off, but seriously, just have one. It means business.  Below, barrel-aged gin is responsible for the hue of the gin cocktail below. In many ways, this cocktail will remind you of a Manhattan.

straight up gin cocktail with bitters
basil gin and tonic cocktail with cucumber
fruit infused gin and tonic cocktails for summer

Of course, the popularity of gin and tonics is what has made gin such a summer cocktail staple. Make it modern by infusing yours with either herbal pairings (like the basil and cucumber, above left) or with seasonal fruit (above, right). You can serve them individually or in grand pitchers.

refreshing gin cocktail with mint and ginger

Are you a mojito fan? If so, try this gin version, mixed with mint and ginger (above) for a patio wedding treat.  And if only something really bold and fruity will do at your event, mix gin with blackberries for a sweet combo (below)!

blackberry and gin cocktail with berry garnish

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