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Naked Cake with Sage

We can't talk about simple, neutral cakes without talking about at least one naked cake. The wedding cake decor on this rustic cake is earthy and laid back with the sage leaf garland elevating it with just enough color.

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Olive Branch Wedding Cake

What better symbol to add to your wedding cake than an olive branch (or two)? The sign of peace not only has a lovely meaning behind it but its lush green leaves add a major dose of elegance to a classic all-white cake.

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yellow polka dot wedding cake
Photo: Pots N Pies

Polka Dot Cake

If you like your greenery with a dash of cute, might we suggest adding a subtle polka dot detail to your cake? The yellow dots add a dose of sunshine to the all-green floral motif, keeping the whole cake squarely in neutral territory.

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paper garland decorating wedding cake
Photo: Lia Griffith

Paper Eucalyptus Paper Garland

If you're getting married in the heat of summer and are worried your greenery may wilt, paper flowers are a chic alternative (not to mention a quick and easy DIY!). This paper eucalyptus garland looks so lovely with the white cake and wood stand. We also like how the couple extended the theme and used the garland as dessert table decor, too!

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Two Tone Natural Cake

This natural wedding cake decor looks like it came straight out of the forest— and we mean that in a good way! We love the idea of playing with neutral tones when you're going with a more minimal look. The greenery and deep plum accents add just enough extra without it going over the top.

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Succulent Cake

Using succulents as your wedding cake decor is a no-brainer if you're looking for something on-trend, aesthetically pleasing and super simple. The textured frosting on this cake adds to the rustic quality of the greenery while the dotted seams add a traditional touch.

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Cascading Ivy Cake

This cascading ivy cake may be small, but it packs a ton of vintage charm. We love how the topper trails down the side of the entire cake— so easy and so dramatic!

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Moss and Wooden Topper

If you're currently planning your woodland-themed wedding, you're going to love this handmade wood pennant and moss cake topper. It has a playful, sweet feel that is still subtle and stylish— and isn't that the perfect balance?

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Baby's Breath Cupcakes

Just because you're not outfitting your dessert table with a massive three-tiered cake doesn't mean you can't have cute toppers to adorn your cupcakes. A sprig of baby's breath on each is a romantic decoration (and we bet you'll be seeing them tucked behind every girl's ear on the dance floor later that night!).

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Greenery Topped Cheese Cake

And no, we don't mean cheesecake! This "cake" made up of cheese wheels is a sweets-phobic couple's dream come true! The natural greenery and white floral topper totally plays into the savory aspects of this unique cake alternative and we'd love to see it on a foodie couple's dessert table!