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Change the Shape

No one said that your wedding cake has to be round or square...or have layers of icing for that matter. Add some interest to your cake by having it made in a non-traditional shape and keep the icing off it! This wedding cake in particular is a stack of hearts.

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Sweet Treats

No one said that you have to have a wedding cake either. Do you love a particular sweet treat? Make a tower of them! This croquembouche is a great quirky alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

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Cake Representation

Maybe your husband-to-be is secretly Batman. Change a traditional wedding cake into something unique and quirky by designing one half of it each. You'll end up with a beautiful wedding cake that shares a lot about who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple.

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Inject Some Color

Play up the color scheme of your wedding and incorporate it into your wedding cake. A colorful wedding cake will stand out on the day and create some beautiful photos.

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Go Geometric

Wedding cakes are meant to stand out. Add the 'wow' factor by incorporating different geometric details to your wedding cake.

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Make it Lean

Create unique wedding cakes by giving them a lean...on purpose! Design a wedding cake that has different angles, or has all its layers aligned on one side. You will be guaranteed to have a cake that is quirky and unique.

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Wow With Ruffles

Who doesn't want their wedding cake to look pretty? Turn your wedding cake into something beautiful and unique by decorating it with ruffles.

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Unique idea for wedding cakes: using rounds of cheese as wedding cake
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Cheese, Please

Are you the ultimate cheese lover? Sometimes having a traditional wedding cake is, well, too traditional. Surprise your guests then create a cheese 'cake.'

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Curate a Dessert Table

Some guests might not have room for wedding cake after gorging themselves during dinner. Instead of having one large cake, try to have a small wedding cake on a dessert table. This way, you can still have the traditional wedding cake, but with a unique and modern twist.

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Pops of Color

Don't want the wedding cake to attract too much attention? No problem! You can turn wedding cakes into something fun by adding sprinkles to the mixture. VoilĂ !

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Sprinkle wedding cakes with icing and cake topper
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Showcase Your City

Do you have a place that means a lot to you as a couple? Maybe it's the city that you grew up in. Maybe it's the city that you met or where you accepted the proposal. Highlight a significant part of your life and showcase it at the wedding in a unique and meaningful way by including it in the wedding cake decoration.