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pegboard donut wall
Photo: Amalie Orrange 

Modern Pegboard

It doesn't take much to put together a modern donut wall. All you need is pegs, pegboard, and any decor (such as paint or garland) to personalize it.

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Tabletop Size

Just because you are having an intimate destination wedding doesn't mean you can use the latest trends. This mini donut wall fits easily on a table, and could also work for a bridal shower.

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large donut wall
Photo: Moe's Donuts

For a Crowd

Likewise, when your guest list includes everyone you and your families have ever met, you need to feed a crowd. Take over an entire entry wall to make a powerfully delicious statement.

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Retro Inspired

Not having a modern or industrial-themed wedding? Save the pegboard and instead come up with a sleek retro design like this bubblegum pink rack shown here.

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ombre donut wall
Photo: Sara Hasstedt

Ombre Hues

 When you want your palette front and center, consider an ombre donut wall. Use a white or neutral wall to make your colors the star.

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Reusable Frame

 If you are DIYing your donut wall, design one that you can re-arrange for another purpose later. For example, with the addition of a piece of corkboard you could turn this framed "wall" into a place for your keys and messages in your new home.

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Tasty Backdrop

 Merge your treats with your decor when you use your donut wall as a backdrop. Create dynamic texture and color by using a wide assortment of donuts with sprinkles, coconut, and smooth icing.

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shelved donut wall
Photo: The Grovers

Labeled Shelves

 Does your favorite bakery serve an array of specialty donuts? When labeling is important, consider a donut wall with shelves rather than pegs.

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vertically stacked donuts
Photo: Freestyle Mom

Vertical Stacks

 If you are limited on space at your venue, go vertical! Rather than a donut wall, create high towers of donuts on wooden dowels. It can have the same modern effect without the need for a blank wall.

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tray of donuts
Photo: Monica Wange

Colorful Trays

 Want to serve donuts at a bridesmaid brunch or bridal shower? Find a set of bright trays and layer technicolor donuts on top.

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Portable Snacks

 Particularly if you have a large or spread-out wedding venue, your guests may want to wander around. They can munch on donut holes in paper cones while mingling with acquaintances.

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donut cake pops
Photo: Jamie Jones

Cake Pops Alternative

 The popularity of cake pops has pretty much proven that any food can go on a stick. Instead of cake, serve cute donut holes for a tasty bite on your way to the dance floor.