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Pie is a classic. Even if there is already a pumpkin one in the mix, create your own little family pie buffet by baking a maple walnut apple pie topped with fluffy whipped cream.  Or take a standard to the next level with this pumpkin pie covered in mile-high meringue.

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Love those yummy shortbread cookies called Speculoos?  This pumpkin pie (below) features a crust made of crumbled up spice cookies. It adds the perfect amount of seasonal flavor!

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Love pumpkin but want to skip a traditional pie?  This pumpkin mousse (below, left) doesn't even have to be baked and (as a bonus) you can use all of those Mason jars you've been collecting for wedding decor!

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Especially if you have a big crowd, you might want a variety of desserts. These simple cakes are super easy to make, but still incredibly tasty. Above (right), make an apple cake in a square pan and then top with a caramel sauce. For purists, the Christmas season doesn't begin until after Thanksgiving is over. Usher in the new holiday with a sheet of gingerbread (below).     

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The mini bundt is the new cupcake (luckily, they're even easier to decorate). Bring these pumpkin cakes (below) topped with a dark chocolate glaze home to the family.   

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Traveling for awhile in the car?  Bring cookies!  Much more portable than a layer cake, cookies are also a saving grace to dip into when the turkey is going to take another hour.

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Elevate childhood classics like Moon Pies and whoopie pies with these modern interpretations. Above, this Moon Pie features a maple-flavored marshmallow filling and is dipped in chocolate (and it's gluten free!!!).  Below, these fun whoopie pies feature lots of fall flavors, including sweet potato.

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Are guests joining you early in the day?  Bring over some sugary brunch treats like homemade cinnamon donuts (above, right) or nutella-infused sweet rolls (below).

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Thanksgiving can be a little bit stressful, and by the end of the meal, everyone is exhausted. Treat your crowd to a dessert with a special ingredient: bourbon. These spiked root beer floats will be the hit of the holiday!

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Not done looking at tempting desserts?  We have more fall favorites for you to drool over.

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