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Stacked pies wedding dessert
Photo: Amber Vickery; via mywedding

Let Them Eat Pie

Ironically, one of our favorite wedding cake trends doesn't even involve cake. Although buttercream and fondant are popular choices, they aren't for everyone and that's okay. This wedding incorporated stacked pies as an alternative to the tradition and we are totally in love with the idea.

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Brunch wedding cake display
Photo: Charla Storey; via mywedding

Multiple Choices

Sometimes more than one dessert is necessary, especially in the case of larger weddings. As seen in our Summer 2016 of mywedding, this brunch-inspired dessert table offers a fondant cake among non-traditional options. Whatever your wedding theme or guest list size may be, you don't need to restrict yourselves to just one cake.

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Bite Sized Tiers

From donut walls to croquembouche, non-traditional dessert displays featuring bite-sized desserts are still taking weddings by storm. Stacked tiers of bite-sized treats can make great alternatives to tiered wedding cakes, not to mention they're easier to assemble and serve.

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Floral Statements

Wedding flower arrangements aren't just for bouquets and tablescapes anymore. Take a cue from this luxurious cake. It added a whole new element of glam to a gorgeous California wedding.

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Metallic Makeover

Copper, silver and gold tones have made their way into plenty of modern wedding palettes, and we don't expect them to disappear anytime soon. We've seen many fondant cakes with a full-on metallic sheen, but now we're seeing more that feature textured metallic details like this boho design.

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Neutral Tones

A mix of modern and traditional, wedding cakes that take on a neutral color palette are anything but boring. Shades of gray and tan can make just as much of an impression as a colorful wedding cake without straying too far from the white frosting norm.

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Cheese, Please

Nobody said your wedding dessert actually has to be sweet. Stacked cheese wheels are a great way to combine your wedding "cake" with the tasty elements of a savory dessert course.

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Barely Frosted

Slightly less casual than the naked cake trend, semi-naked cakes take on a more "dressed up" rustic vibe. Whether you prefer a dramatic floral cake topper or simple details like this cake, a light frosting serves as a great canvas for any confectionary vision.

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Individual Servings

Instead of one large wedding cake, serving individual desserts at each place setting is an increasingly popular wedding cake trend. It's a great idea to consider for your smaller wedding events.

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Greenery wedding cake
Photo: Willow & Co; via Nouba

Greenery Details

We saw greenery wedding cake décor make its way into many of 2016's minimalist and earthy weddings. Now that Pantone named Greenery as its 2017 Color of the Year, we can't wait to see how this shade will make a creative debut in more themes, palettes and desserts. So, which wedding cake trends are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments!