Choosing your wedding dessert can be as much fun - or as much work - as any other detail of planning your wedding. Really, has anyone else noticed that the number of dessert table options has increased seemingly exponentially over the last several years? To help you narrow down your selection and keep this particularly tasty decision from taking up too much of your hard-earned wedding planning time (and help you get straight to the tasting portion of things) here are some of our favorite real-life ideas from the mywedding magazine.

White cutting cake with DIY cake topper and succulents

1. The Cutting Cake: We'll start this off sweet and simple. A small cutting cake can be the best option for couples who want to have a variety of sweets at their wedding but still enjoy the tradition of cutting the cake. It can also be more cost effective, especially if you opt to bring in a sheet cake for your guests to enjoy once you've sliced into yours.

Tiered white wedding cake with flower and fruit cake topper

2. The Traditional Layer Cake: There's just something about that classic layered cake look that feels right at a wedding in pretty much any style. The best part about this particular piece of inspiration, though, is the incredible display of flowers and fruit adorning this white wedding cake. As a colorful alternative to a cake topper, it takes this cake to a whole new level of pretty.

Handheld blueberry pie display for a wedding dessert table

3. The Handheld Pie: This isn't the only detail from this particular wedding in our magazine that has us all heart eyes, but it's definitely a favorite. While these pies weren't the only personal-sized sweet on this couple's dessert table, they certainly were one of the most fun. If you decide a collection of handheld desserts is the option for you, don't hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to include treats in a variety of types and flavors - you'll discover they're a real crowd pleaser.

Stacked wedding pies for a non-traditional wedding dessert table

4. The Layered Pie: If you're a couple who prefers pie over cake (or cupcakes, or cookies, or s'mores) look no further than this kind of ingenious addition to the dessert table. By stacking your favorite pies on a cake stand and adding a topper - or a tiny, tiny pie instead - you can retain the towering feel of a fancy layer cake with all the homey goodness of the dessert you love most.

Donut tower wedding cake with spiced cider donuts

5. The Donut Tower: Last, but never, ever least comes the dessert option no one has the willpower to turn down. A stacked donut tower combines all the elegance of a traditional dessert display with the playful nature of this flavorful sweet. You know what else it offers? Options. Set it up as your one and only dessert table spread, bring it out at the end of the night for a surprise midnight snack or, better yet, plan a brunch wedding where your donut cake can be the star of the show.

Looking for even more wedding dessert ideas? Pick up the new copy of mywedding for more inspiration.

Photo credits:   Gantes Co.   |   Rachel Havel   |   Heather Hawkins   |   Amber Vickery   |  Kelly Dillon