Did you gasp like I did upon first laying eyes on the photo above? If the budget allowed, I swear I'd have a different wedding cake for each attending guest just to appease my irrational love of all things cake. And, as is evidenced here, Bobbette & Belle ain't helping me in that department. You know what I mean? How does one possibly decide upon only one type of incredibly crafted cake?!

The glorious pastry wonders you see before you are from the minds, hands, and ovens of Allyson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell, the founders of one of Toronto's top destination wedding bakeries. I'd gladly seek their counsel in making a cake decision even if it had me bouncing all the way home somewhere between sugar high and cake drunk - because I'm going to have to try a lot of cake. And, don't even get me started on the indecision that would be invoked over the different wedding favors they make: French Macarons, monogram cookies, floral cookies, cupcakes, and adorable mini cakes. But, hey, indecisiveness never tasted - or looked - so good!

Loving their "Luxury Mini Cakes"! How adorable are they? Very!