You may or may not have heard of cake pops, they're the little cake balls on a stick that have been sweeping the wedding dessert world with their yummy cuteness. One of the staff over at Offbeat Bride even attempted to DIY them to a tragic end (therefore, I do not recommend that you DIY them, unless you're SUPER talented with the baked goods). I saw something at a wedding recently that was a really great spin on the cake pop idea.


Instead of little round balls of cake, the bride gave her guests tiny cupcake pops from Creative Cupcake Company. Creative cupcakes indeed! Yes, they're little tiny cupcakes on a stick, with fondant shaped like icing and everything. Are you squealing yet? Because I did.


The Creative Cupcake Company calls them "lollycakes." (OMG even the name is adorable!) And you have to love their little M&M topping.


With this assortment of chocolate, vanilla and red velvet lollycakes at your wedding, your guests (like myself) will not only think your desserts are adorable, but all insanely delicious. Seriously, lollycakes -- get you some!