champagne cocktails with candy cane garnish

It's just not the holidays without a little bubbly! This round-up of ten champagne cocktails will help keep you in the spirit, even when your relatives have started to wear out their welcome (we know, that's a tall order).

Looking for something to do with all of those leftover candy canes?  Use them as garnish in this delicious minty cocktail (above).  If you are feeling particularly hostess with the mostess, you can even crush up peppermint and rim your glasses.

These next two cocktails look like something straight out of a classic movie. On the left, this amaretto cherry fizz mixes champagne with some of your favorite holiday flavors and tops it off with a frothy egg white.  On the right, the French 75 pairs cognac (or gin) with champagne and citrus flavors and is perfect for the friends who like their cocktails on the not-so-sweet side.

amaretto cherry champagne cocktail with egg whites
cognac and champagne cocktail
classic champagne cocktail with garnish

If you like your champagne cocktails traditional and elegant, you will dream about this Perrier-Jouet drink (above).  Because this is such a tasty champagne, keep the extras at a minimum--this one just has a sprig of mint and a skosh of St-Germain.  Below, this cocktail with cranberries makes such a pretty holiday statement.  Freeze the berries on the stirrer sticks to help keep the champagne cold!

sparkling holiday cocktails with cranberry garnish
raspberry limoncello cocktail

Mix raspberries, limoncello, and sparkling wine for a refreshing, tangy cocktail (above) that your guests will flock to when the room gets a little warm.  Want a raspberry cocktail that could double as dessert?  We love this yummy pink drink that combines pomegranate juice with raspberry sorbet (below, right).

Going rustic and casual for your NYE bash?  Serve this spicy take on sangria (below, left), which combines pears and oranges with bourbon, cider, and champagne (this one is on my own must-make list this year).

autumnal spiced champagne cocktail
raspberry pomegranate champagne cocktail

Don't let this pretty glass fool you--it packs a punch!  Based on a recipe from the Algonquin Hotel, this mix of gin, fruit, rum, and champagne (below) is devilishly good (tread carefully).

fruity champagne cocktail from The Algonquin Bar

Perhaps you are hosting a New Year's Day brunch. When dealing with hungover guests, best to serve them this coconut water cocktail. It'll give them much needed "hair of the dog" and loads of potassium.

pink champagne coconut water cocktail

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