Last night, an ice cream truck went past my house and a wave of happiness rushed over me.  Maybe I'm a little sentimental, but on these sunshine-filled days,  it's a reminder that summertime is definitely the season of fun. And really, what's more fun than a table o' candy?  If you want a candy buffet perfect for your warm weather event, we've got some helpful advice to get you started!

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Choose the right containers and utensils for your candy.

Varying your jars isn't just aesthetically pleasing, it's also practical. It takes an impossible amount of small candy to fill up a 5 gallon container. Make sure you buy the appropriate sizes so that each jar, whether big or small, appears brimming with treats.  Especially if you are planning on placing your candy outside, you also want to make sure you gauge for the weather.  Use utensils that will work to grab and separate candy, even in the humidity (tongs work well for licorice and gummies, scoops for gumballs and candy that is individually wrapped).  Make sure that your stickier candy gets a bit of shade so that it doesn't glob together.

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Don't forget melty messes.

Speaking of globbing together, stay away from melty-mess candies that might look pretty at a cool-weather wedding, but will be the bane of your existence in August. Opt for colorful, individually-wrapped, or hard candies, as opposed to chocolate, caramels, or dipped marshmallows.  If you are using your sweet table as your wedding favors, make sure you provide bags or take-out boxes to help your guest protect their sweets on the way home.

You can also consider an alternative to candy and opt for pastries or cookies that might hold up better in the heat. This donut bar (below) is adorable, and as long as you use unglazed cake donuts or donut holes, you should be fine.

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Another fantastic idea is to invite a cotton candy cart to your wedding. It's whimsical and pretty and the kids will think you are the coolest person they know!

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Channel your inner child.

I get that sea salt caramels and Swiss chocolates look all sophisticated and grown-up, but your guests can find those anytime (and again, melty).  Why not treat them to a taste of nostalgia? Find candies that you loved when you were younger, like Pop Rocks, Nerds, and Fun Dips (below).

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You can be whimsical and still adhere to your wedding theme.

You don't have to host a carnival-themed wedding to have a whimsical sweet table. Find candies in colors that are in your palette, or make the displays highlight your theme. For example, these rainbow lollipops go perfectly with a rustic farm wedding when they are displayed in a hay bale.  If you were trying to make them coordinate with a garden wedding, you could display them in a mossy planter box. Often, how you decorate your table will be what really ties everything together.

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Little decor elements take it to the next level.

So, when you want to make your sweet table match your theme, focus less on the actual sweets and more on how you present them. Decorate in front of or behind your table to create an entire "area" of goodies.

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And find the right bags or boxes that will both work for the candies you've provided and complement your wedding's style!

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