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Chocolate wedding cakes can be just as chic and glamorous (maybe even more so) than their vanilla counterparts. And if these mouth-watering examples don't convince you, then maybe you don't like chocolate that much after all...

The bright flowers on this smooth, dark-chocolate coated cake (above) really pop out.  Particularly if you are having a modern wedding, a minimalist cake like this will blend right in with your theme.

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Vintage brides can also have the chocolate wedding cake of their dreams. Find one slathered in cocoa buttercream frosting with pale flowers on top.

We've seen a lot of tree-inspired wedding cakes over the last year at rustic events, but this one looks the yummiest. Swirls of chocolate frosting coat the top and the initials are elegantly etched in with a darker chocolate.

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The world is divided into two groups, frosting people and cake people. As frosting people, it took us awhile to be sold on the naked cake trend. But now, we totally love how beautiful they can be. Above, a chocolate cake peeks out beneath a thin layer of white icing (ideal for the couple that can't agree on a flavor).

But these ooey gooey creations below had us at hello. With caramel or peanut butter between each layer, these chocolate confections are rich and decadent.

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These smaller naked cakes also do well together on a cake table with assorted sizes and flavors.  So rather than just going with one chocolate cake, you can have a whole buffet of them!

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For darker chocolate cakes fill the layers with whipped cream and berries for a summertime event, or with ganache for something a bit sweeter.

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These lusciously decorated cakes are definitely for chocolate aficionados. Covered in slabs of white, milk, and dark chocolate, this wedding cake above was designed for a Christmas wedding. Although we are sure it was a challenge to cut, we bet it was well worth it!  Below, this luxe cake with milk chocolate shavings and bow topper is for the couple who wants something sinfully good for their large crowd.

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Want to serve small desserts instead of a wedding cake?  Mini bundt cakes glazed with chocolate make a sophisticated alternative to cupcakes.

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But if you are having a more casual wedding, cupcakes are totally where it is at. Have your baker come up flavors that emphasize your favorite chocolate combos, such as peanut butter, orange, or coconut.

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