lemon layer cake with flowers on top

Summer has arrived, and with it, our love for citrus.  In juicy shades of yellow, green, and orange, these wedding cakes and desserts feel refreshing and light on a warm day. Above, especially if you are having your summer wedding outdoors and in a humid climate, go for simple layer cakes in citrus flavors rather than sky-high towers.

white buttercream cake decorated with kumquats
naked orange wedding cake with oranges and kumquats

Citrus wedding cakes can be a bit rustic with simple buttercream frosting and kumquats, or even left naked, using its citrus filling to entice guests.  They can also be grand and opulent. This luxurious ombre orange wedding cake peeks out from gold scalloped decorations (below).

ombre orange wedding cake with gold lace decor

Can't pick just one fruit? Go with a citrus theme and use limes, lemons, and oranges underneath layers in corresponding colors (below, right). Or go all-white and use fondant fruit for an orange effect, but with almond flavor.

citrus wedding cake with limes, lemons, and oranges
white wedding cake with lace pattern and fondant oranges

If you don't want a traditional wedding cake, there are so many ways that citrus can sing. We love these melt-in-your-mouth lemon cupcakes with a tangy sour cream frosting (below).

lemon cupcake with fluffy white frosting
Key lime pie with coconut cookie crust

Key lime is a Southern classic. Serve pies with a coconut cookie crust for a tropical taste (above) or serve a no-bake version in individual, chilled glass jars (below).

no bake key lime pie in glass jars
lemon poppyseed bundt cake decorated with glaze and kumquats
zesty lime bundt cake

But for our money, nothing beats a citrus bundt cake. From lemon poppyseed (above, left) to zesty lime (above, right), these glazed slices retain their shape and texture on the hottest of days.  If your wedding is indoors, you can use a thicker glaze (below) with sugared fruit like berries or cherries for an even sweeter flavor.

orange bundt cake with sugared cranberries

Send your guests home on a warm afternoon with a lime ice cream treat (below, left) or delightfully decorated sugar cookies in citrus shapes (below, right).

lime ice cream with graham cracker topping
iced lemon sugar cookie favors

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