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Ombre Cake

Whether you choose to go with basic buttercream frosting on the outside of your cake or get more creative, using ombre layers for the interior of your cake will kick things up a notch.

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Mini Colorful Wedding Cakes

Colorful wedding cakes are wonderful, but cutting the cake can be a hassle. If cupcakes don't feel trendy enough for you, why not meet your guests in the middle with colorful mini-cakes? Whether or not they have frosting on the outside, they're sure to look beautiful and wow your guests.

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three different wedding cake fillings
Photo: Romulo Yanes

Colorful Cake Filling

Love the idea of colorful wedding cakes, but can't kick your love of a traditional vanilla cake? Go for infusions of colorful cake filling. It will add a tasty something extra to your cake and also look gorgeous on a plate.

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Bold Interior

When investigating colorful wedding cakes, it can feel intimidating to make something so central to your reception so bright. So instead, why not opt for a plain frosting on the outside, and a surprise burst of color on the inside? That gives you the best of both worlds!

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Polka Dot Cake
Photo: Pink Cake Box

Whimsical Wedding Cakes

Let your wedding cake be a source of fun and whimsy on your big day. A bold, colorful polka-dotted exterior that is reflected in the interior of the cake is not only delicious, but it brings a sense of fun to the reception!

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Rainbow Cake
Photo: Pink Cake Box

Rainbow Cake

If you're looking into the world of colorful wedding cakes, why only pick one or two colors for your cake? Why not go with a rainbow interior (and even a rainbow exterior) to represent all of your favorite colors?

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Fruit-Filled Naked Cake

If you've been thinking of trying a naked cake for your wedding, why not try using fruit to add a splash of color? Not only will it be delicious, but using fresh fruit will add lots of tangy, fresh flavor.

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Berry-Filled Frosting

Just because you want to have a naked cake at your wedding, it doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy frosting! Using a colorful, fruit-filled frosting will give you that sugary goodness you want, and add a classy splash of color to your cake.

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Funfetti Cake
Photo: Brian Kennedy

Sprinkles Cake

Nothing brightens a wedding reception like sprinkles! Having them adorn the interior and exterior of your cake is both fun and gorgeous!

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Colorful Cupcakes
Photo: Love Swah

Colorful Cupcakes

Colorful wedding cakes not your jam? Colorful cupcakes with surprise designs on the interior are a perfect way to get your guests the sugar they want while stepping away from the cake tradition.