wedding cake with orange decor

An all-white buttercream confection not your style?  Only something flush with color will suit your wedding's extroverted nature?  Well, ladies, we've got the cakes for you.  And yes, no one wants to know just how much food coloring is in one of these (seriously, we're betting a lot because these cakes are positively lush with technicolor).

rainbow candy ombre wedding cake

We love rainbow effects in wedding cakes, and the bolder the colors, the bigger the statement. This rainbow cake above has a natural ombre where the colored dots bleed together.  Below, whether you keep your rainbow decor on the inside (left) or on the outside (right), let your creativity fly!  Your guests will enjoy your whimsical take on the traditional wedding cake.

rainbow wedding cake
cinco de mayo wedding cake
blue and green watercolor wedding cake

Watercolor designs are another way to incorporate loads of color into your main event (because as we all know, your friends are coming for the cake).  This washed effect (above) looks rich without being too in-your-face bright.

Want to keep your color from being too flat?  Use texture to show off your favorite hue. Ruffles are a fantastic way to utilize ombre techniques in a feminine, flirty way (below).

coral ruffled wedding cake
pink cake with ruffled heart
lilac wedding cake

But maybe you just want all-out, covered completely, absolutely-no-white-showing, color.  Well, go nuts. Pick a shade and commit. A word of warning, though, food coloring wreaks havoc on a white wedding dress and toothy smiles.  So, enjoy your cake carefully.

spring green wedding cake
green and chocolate cake pops
yellow wedding cake with red flowers

Don't be afraid to use patterns and designs to highlight the colors on your cake. This color-saturated cake above is gorgeous because of the way the yellow and the red flowers work together to create the perfect Chinese wedding statement (remember that many cultures prefer bold colors at their celebrations).

Below, the use of stripes in this monochromatic red cake is flawless glam (left), while this striped and ever-so-slightly ombre cake is nothing if not a neon party on a table.

red striped wedding cake
neon wedding cake

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