berry wedding cupcakes


Perhaps because of my childhood love of all things Strawberry Shortcake, berries make me really happy. Or maybe it's because they signal that summer and sun and warm weather are all near (wouldn't that be just lovely?).  Cheerful and bright, they pep up a wedding cake better than any cake topper.  So, whether your cake is berry flavored, or you just want a little fruit topping, here are some fun ways to add some berry nice decor to your cake (and yes, "berry nice" just happened).

raspberry and strawberry wedding cakes


I'm a definite fan of raspberry and pistachio flavors together, but hadn't considered how pretty they would look on a simple white cake (above, left). Love it!

If you love strawberry shortcake, but still want the oomph of a wedding cake, try an idea like the one above: layers of vanilla cake with a whipped cream frosting and loads of berries.

blueberry wedding cake


Blueberries as cake decor is so demure and delicate. If you are making a cake for a bridal shower, they are also a really affordable and sturdy berry to work with. Check out local u-pick farms in early summer for the best blueberries (and the best deals).

blueberry wedding cakes
mini raspberry cakes


Berries also work well on mini-cakes. Here they are shown with individual servings of sponge and pound cakes.  Perfect for a picnic reception!

mini raspberry sponge cakes
blackberry wedding cakes


If you are looking for something a little more unique, try using blackberries (above) or white raspberries (below). Both are beautiful and instantly brighten up a tower of buttercream!

white raspberry wedding cake

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