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oreo wedding cake
Photo: Seneca Epley

Drizzled Oreos

Oreos dipped in white or milk chocolate fudge can be simply sinful. Going with this tasty yet low-key option is a great way to get your chocolate fix in and please any kids attending your wedding.

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Smores wedding favors
Photo: Aaron Delesie


One of the most unique but wedding desserts you could pick for your big day would be offering s'mores. Whether you serve them pre-made or if your wedding is rustic enough to allow for s'mores making stations, you can't help but smile when you're munching on a tasty s'more!

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Mini Ice Cream Cones

Nothing is more fun than dessert in miniatures. Offering a mini ice cream bar is the perfect way to get your chocolate fix without the heaviness of cake!

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Drizzled Brownies

Who says your wedding desserts have to be fancier than anything you actually crave? Get your wedding chocolate fix with a hearty stack of brownies. Add fruit or fudge to spruce it up, but you can't go wrong with a brownie!

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If you just don't want a massive cake, incorporating chocolate cupcakes is an excellent alternative. Plus, it makes it easier to have desserts that accomodate a wider range of guests' tastes and any allergies.

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Chocolate Fountain

Of all potential wedding desserts, there is nothing that seems more decadent than a chocolate fountain. If you can't use your wedding as an opportunity to dip food in flowing chocolate, when can you?

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Chocolate dipped fruit
Photo: John Granen

Chocolate Covered Figs

Want to go for a chocolate-covered fruit dessert, but chocolate strawberries seem too familiar? Why not try dipping a more unique fruit in chocolate like a fig?

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Cookies are a fun option for a dessert, and chocolate macaroons offer a tasty alternative to more traditional wedding desserts like cake. Plus, they're just so Instagrammable!

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Chocolate Custard
Photo: Brooke Slezak

Chocolate Custard

Sometimes you just want a dessert that feels like comfort food. That's the case with chocolate custard. A step up from regular pudding, it is a delicious way to get a direct infusion of chocolate during your reception.

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Hot Chocolate Bar

If you're looking for a dessert to not only satisfy your chocolate cravings, but keep you cozy at your winter wedding, why not try a hot chocolate bar? You can kick things up a notch by offering lots of toppings to allow for the craziest, most sugary hot chocolate creations, and maybe even some "grown up" ingredients for the guests over 21!