If cake isn't your thing, or you are looking for some unique treats to add to your dessert table, you may want to try your hand at these delicious oversize tarts! You can make them from scratch or buy tart shells ready made! Approximate cost is $8 per dozen.


You will need:

2 boxes of these German Torteletts or make your own oversize tarts with your favorite recipe.

Greek yogurt or Quark

creme fraiche

currants (or whatever berries are in season)

whip cream


1. Mix three quarters Greek yogurt with 1 quarter creme fraiche or to taste.

2. Add a large spoonful to each tart.

3. Add a large spoonful of whipped cream.

4. Cover with berries. For currants, add about 15 individual berries and then 2 half stems of berries.

Display on old wooden cutting boards or colorful antique plates. For a dessert reception, you can also just place them on each plate for table settings.

Buy: Any caterer in the mywedding.com directory can help you.


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