Today's DIY post is, quite frankly, my kind of DIY - a teeny bit of work for some excellent (and delicious!) results. I'd run into Ticings awhile back and thought they were such a brilliant and easy idea, I wanted to try them out. Basically, Ticings are edible icing appliques that you just peel and stick on cupcakes to pretty them up. They have all sorts of designs with a line specially dedicated to weddings, that even includes a version for your wedding cake (it's really pretty).

Make sure you do head over to their site to check out all of their designs. I'm not sure my photos do the cuteness factor justice...

Cupcakes, I just went with some from the store but here's a recipe for strawberry mascarpone filled cupcakes that are heaven (and very shower-ish)
A knife
Frosting (optional)

1. If you've purchased your cupcakes you'll want to even up the top so the frosting is flat (mine had all sorts of pretty swirls, I sadly destroyed. Good thing they tasted delish.). If you're baking them, just make sure to create a smooth, flat surface.

2. Peel the Ticing off the backing. Feel free to admire the witty saying for a sec. Gently place on cupcake top and press down.
3. Tah-dah! Seriously, that's it. I added a bit of frosting to the edges because I had some laying around but, honestly, they don't need it.

4. Oh, I don't think you need any help with this step.

They recommend using a light color frosting, which is good advice; the chocolate was a bit dark behind the white. And, I think you'd be better off making your own cupcakes if you have the time, mainly because you'd have more control over their size. The ones I purchased were a bit big for the Ticing I had.
No time? Buy it:
I'm sure most cupcake shops and bakeries would be very amenable to you bringing in Ticings, if you didn't want to take it on yourself. To find one in your area, click here.