food truck catering wedding

Finding the perfect catering can be hard, especially when you and your honey have such different tastes and preferences.  He loves all things taco.  You want a traditional sit-down dinner.  With food trucks, you two can both get exactly what you want.  Hire a caterer for the main dinner, and a food truck to re-energize the crowd during hour 2 of dancing.

Food trucks are also great when you are having a destination wedding, and aren't very familiar with the wedding caterers in town.  Food trucks normally have a huge social media following because of their mobile nature, so you can check out all sorts of impromptu reviews and loads of food pics on those accounts.

Because food trucks are lean and mean inside, they usually specialize in one type of cuisine (or perhaps even just one specific food).  So, finding one that makes exactly what you are looking for is a pretty easy process.  For example, The Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville understands the world of grilled cheese sandwiches (below) probably better than just about anyone.

deluxe grilled cheese sandwich

Food trucks cater events in different ways. Some have staffs that allow food trucks to really serve quite similarly to caterers, such as Guerilla Tacos based out of Los Angeles, who set up this gorgeous spread (below).

wedding snacks in Big Sur, CA

Other food trucks just have room for one or two people, so your guests will have to queue themselves.  And seriously, when you get a sno-cone as your reward, who really minds waiting in line?  This yummy concoction below can be found in Nashville at Retro Sno during the warmer months.

pink sno cone from Retro Sno in Nashville

As you can see food trucks are more than just tacos grabbed hurriedly on a short lunch break.  You can even cater your wedding sweet table from trucks such as The Sweetery in NYC who specialize in yummy baked goods (like these red velvet cupcakes, below).

red velvet cupcakes from The Sweetery, NYC

Food trucks are a unique and fun way to serve guests at your wedding!


Cover Photo: Hazelwood Photo