donut stacks and oreo cookie groom's cake


Often groom's cakes are more about the flavor than the decoration. It's a chance to throw in a chocolate cake (or whatever is the groom's favorite) alongside a traditional buttercream. But this selection of groom's cakes has less to do with choosing a gourmet cake, and more to do with quirky style and the groom's interests.

Maybe your groom likes his snack foods (or maybe he's just a Simpsons fan) but these donut stacks look pretty darn tasty. And the minimalist in me loves the Oreo tower. Either way, it's an unexpected treat for your guests.

beer cooler groom's cake

Many of the most popular groom's cakes are a tribute to his favorite food or drink.  This beer cooler cake (above) was featured at a wedding filled with microbrews and laidback style.

Tabasco hot sauce groom's cake


For the fellas that love their hot sauce, they will probably love this Tabasco bottle cake!

Atlanta Braves groom's cake


Sports is also a common theme for these cakes. It's a chance to show off their pride in their hometown or college team.  The baseball (above) and football (below, left) cakes are pretty elaborate.  Before you order a cake this large, make sure that it's the right amount for your event. Otherwise, you'll be eating frozen cake for quite some time after the wedding.

Aggie and Super Mario groom's cakes


Geek chic also shows up in these fondant works of art. From Super Mario to superheroes, the fanboy you love can have the best cake ever!

Clark Kent and Superman groom's cake


Is he a wee bit obsessed with his car or bike?  He will love a cake celebrating his prized possession as a fun surprise on the big day.

Ducati motorcycle groom's cake
United States Navy groom's cake

Lastly, if your man serves in the military or as a firefighter or police officer, commemorate their contribution with an emblem, badge, or fireman's hat.

Credits:  Donut Stacks//Oreo Tower//Beer Cooler//Tabasco Sauce//Atlanta Braves//Aggie Football//Super Mario//Superman//Ducati Motorcycle//US Navy