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Local Food Trucks

You know that taco truck you guys live for on the weekends? Hire them for your event! Food trucks are used to cooking for a crowd, and are a surprisingly efficient way to serve dinner at your reception.

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wedding taco bar
Photo: Brooke Keegan

Taco Bar Toppings

Let's face it, the best part about a taco bar is all the toppings! Get creative with spicy sour cream, homemade guac, and lots of seasonal veggies.

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Food stations are usually a very budget-friendly way to feed your guests, and tacos are no exception. If you need to, you can make your dollar stretch even further by serving tortilla soup or chips and salsa ahead of time.

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bagged tortilla chips with silverware
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Convenient Buffet

Because tacos are so easy to assemble, they make for a quick buffet line. If you have enough space, have lines run down each side of the bar so that you can serve twice as many people in the same time. You can also speed things up by having prepped packets with tortilla chips, napkins, and silverware.

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chalkboard menu sign
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Dietary Restrictions

Taco bars are certainly fun and festive, but when you have friends and family with a variety of dietary restrictions, they are also very practical. Use gluten-free corn tortillas, beans and salsa for vegans, and a couple of different types of meats and proteins. Guests can pick what works for their own diets and preferences. Just remember to post which items are diet-friendly on the menu board or table signage.

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Tasty Salsas & Sauces

Want to make something ahead of time for your wedding? Harvest your garden's tomatoes and whip up some homemade canned salsa to serve later at your wedding. If you have a bumper crop, you could also hand out jars in welcome bags.

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Asian taco recipe
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Fusion Cuisine

Mix and match different ethnic cuisines to make your taco bar distinctive. Offer Hawaiian-inspired fish tacos or Asian street food-inspired tacos with spicy sauces.

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Beverage Pairings

Nothing goes with a classic taco quite like a good margarita. Particularly if you are serving food that is on the spicy side, a sweet, fruity drink can cool things off.

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Festive Desserts

Extend the fiesta to your dessert table with these beyond-tasty churro donut holes. Serve alongside Mexican hot chocolate or dark roast coffee.

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Themed Favors

Some guests might like their food mild, while others prefer it super intense. Let each guest customize with their own bottles of hot sauce favors attached to their escort cards.