These 10 different sugar cookie ideas and tutorials all create beautiful sweet treats. However, practice makes perfect. While you probably won't be able to replicate these the first time you try, the more you make the better they will turn out!

chocolate sugar cookies decorated with pink and red icing
Photo: Baking a Moment

These impeccably pretty chocolate sugar cookies are decorates with pink and red swirls created by dragging a toothpick through royal icing stripes and then dotting around the border. This is an easy technique to learn and you can use it with all different types of baked goods.

autumn leaf cookies
Photo: The Gold Lining Girl

Use a similar technique to create burnt orange swirls in these autumn leaf sugar cookies that you can make for Thanksgiving weekend.

pumpkin spice cookies
Photo: The Simple Sweet Life

Don't love classic sugar cookies? Find recipes in all different flavors like dark chocolate, peppermint, eggnog, and pumpkin spice (above).

sugar cookies with pink fondant icing
Photo: Sprinkle Bakes

Although many home bakers rely on royal icing or buttercream frosting to decorate their sugar cookies, you can also create wonderful treats courtesy of fondant. Simply color it, cut it out, and place it on top of your cookie. This tutorial will show you how, step-by-step.

homespun Christmas sugar cookies with piped frosting
Photo: The Creative Bite

There are several pros and cons to using buttercream (above) or royal icing (below). With buttercream, you get a denser, thicker frosting. You can pipe or spread it on the cookies (depending upon what you want your designs to look like). While buttercream decorated cookies are very charming, they still won't be able, though, to create the intricate details you can achieve with royal icing. Royal icing is definitely more finicky. You will need to make it in different consistencies (one to outline the cookie and a thinner one to "flood" the inside). When it dries, it will appear slick and uniform, as you can tell by these divine ugly sweater cookies. Royal icing uses egg whites, so if you are allergic, go with buttercream instead.

ugly Christmas sweater cookies using royal icing
Photo: Sweet Sugar Belle
snowflake christmas cookies
Photo: Sugar & Charm

These snowflake cookies use royal icing to create a pattern within the frosting. By using the same consistency in the red icing as they did to flood the cookies with white, they had time to create the design before all the icing dried. It takes less time than you think, so don't do more than 3 at a time, or they will dry before you can swirl them.

Christmas cookies decorated with sprinkles
Photo: Just a Taste

If you just want to do simple frosting techniques, we totally understand. Use sprinkles in different colors and textures to save yourself from contending with pipinng bags. For a professional effect, like the examples above, don't frost all the way to the edges.

rustic christmas cookies
Photo: Southern Blue Celebrations

Want some sugar cookies that will blend in with your rustic wintry event? These woodsy creations were made with different types of piping tips (and lots and lots of patience).

mitten sugar cookies for the holidays
Photo: Annie's Eats

To give your sugar cookies some serious sparkle, add sanding sugar! If you prefer to use colored sugar, just add powdered food coloring and mix with a long toothpick or fork.