deep fried ice cream cake


I know summer is almost over, but the season wouldn't be complete without some ice cream wedding cakes and treats!  Perfect for picnic and carnival-inspired weddings, ice cream treats are fun and nostalgic.  Above, this is a fried ice cream cake.  Let that soak in.  I haven't had fried ice cream since I was a kid, but I still remember how amazing it was.  And a whole cake of it? Heaven.

Below, you could also offer a cake table filled with ice cream cakes and pies. On the left, this neapolitan cake is pretty on the inside and out. And for those of you who love the white chocolate and raspberry flavor combo, why not add a little ice cream to the mix (below, right)?

neapolitan ice cream cake
white chocolate raspberry pie


For a more grown-up ice cream option, go with this "boozy" icebox pie (below). It's filled with layers of frozen whipped cream, ice cream, cookies, and amaretto.  Btw, even if you can't have it for your wedding, this would be the best thing to surprise your bridesmaids with when they come over to address invitations.

amaretto icebox cake
salted pretzel ice cream pie
frozen peanut butter pie


For brides who believe chocolate is a non-negotiable, mix chocolate with other ice cream flavors. Above (right), this layered ice cream tart features chocolate swirls and salted pretzel bits. Or go classic with a peanut butter and chocolate frozen pie. And one bonus to these pies is that they both dish out easily as long as you keep them frozen until right before you serve them.

Want something more bite-sized?  Make up this recipe of chocolate-covered ice cream treats (below) in 3 different flavors (and nut toppings).

chocolate covered ice cream bites
banana ice cream sandwich
pok pok Thai ice cream sandwich

If you like your ice cream a little offbeat and unusual, you've got to try one of these ice-cream sandwiches. On the left, this over-sized banana split sandwich is like all of your childhood memories, just larger. Meanwhile, on the right, this is a seemingly more literal version of an ice cream "sandwich".  It's origins come from Thailand, where it is called "pok pok."  Full of Southeast Asian flavors (ingredients range from coconut milk to corn) and loaded onto a hot dog bun, this treat is definitely for the couple with a global palette.

soft serve ice cream cones

You can also just keep things simple by serving your ice cream in old-fashioned sugar cones or sweet little dishes to match your theme.  Just make sure to keep it cold, or you will have a melty mess on your hands (especially in the case of the homemade soft serve, above).

key lime pie ice cream cups
black tea and blackberry sorbet

Click on the links below for the recipes for these fantastic ice cream flavors, including key lime (above, left), blackberry and black tea sorbet (above, right), and dark chocolate and Guinness (below).

dark chocolate and Guinness ice cream

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