My husband and I were watching a cooking show the other night and they kept going on about how kale was this season's "It" vegetable, which I thought was hilarious until Chris very helpfully pointed out that I've been going on about how pies are this season's must-have wedding dessert. Ahem. Totally, completely different scenarios if you ask me.

The best thing about pies (outside of how they look and, okay, taste) is their versatility. You can do up a pie bar and feature traditional pies, pies on a stick, throw in some bars, and a bunch of little ones in jars and they all work seamlessly together. Plus, they give your event a homemade feel that everyone can relate to...

Pie bar featuring tarts, whole pies, pie bars and pie pops.

Photo Credits:
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Apple pie in jars: High 5 Pie
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