When planning a sweet table, the goal is to enhance the theme of your wedding, not detract from it. For example, if you are having a very sleek and minimalist wedding in muted tones, you don't want to have a lavish and brightly colored table dripping with candy necklaces and giant lollipops. If your wedding theme doesn't fit the traditionally nostalgic sweet table, try a monochromatic presentation in white or one of your wedding colors.

Before you determine how many candies and pastries to buy for your sweet table, first decide what you want the layout to be. The goal should be a fairly symmetrical design. I love the look of glass jars in varying sizes and shapes. Remember, sweet tables are not necessarily a buffet for guests. You shouldn't think in terms of how much each person will enjoy, but rather what will maximize your presentation. Above all, this is a chance to incorporate an extra dash of fun to your wedding reception.

Photo Credits:
Ring pops jar: Mitvah-licious
Brown, green & white jellybeans: Candy Buffets UK
Over-sized martini glasses with scoops: My Balloon Mania
Jordan almonds & licorice: The Brides Diary Blog
Pink and white candy buffet: Elizabeth Anne Designs
L-O-V-E candy dishes: Blue Light Bride
Pink combination: Lolly Bar AU